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first post

I've been struggling lately to get inspired to get out and shoot... or even stay in and shoot. I make images every day for work and while this is great practice and really helps keep my eye sharp for composition, it doesn't tap into the creative and emotional part of photography and art. 

So I'm starting a blog... separate from social media, separate from any work photography. I'm planning for it to be mostly photography but I may venture into some writing, and will most likely also post links to interesting articles about photography or art in general. Most importantly I plan to post at minimum one photograph every day. There will most likely be many cat photos since we have two of them and to be frank, they tend to be pretty good subject matter, so my apologies in advance for all the cats.

So that will be the entire scope of it... if you are reading this sometime in the future thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you find something that inspires and connects with you.



Iversoné 1.17.2018

Iversoné 1.17.2018